Colts Vs Cardinals Promised An Epic Clash And It Delivered


The recent Colts vs Cardinals match saw a resilient Colts team fighting off a COVID outbreak where they lost most of their lineup, to win the game in the end. They went on to outlast a slumping team from Arizona in the desert, with a score of 22-16, which allowed the Colts to push even heavily for their chances of the playoff- as their record against the teams in the playoff stands at 4-4 this season.

Indianapolis now has an extremely high chance of reaching the playoffs, as reported by, and they likely need just a single win to clinch the spot that they are coveting. The Colts will be finishing their season against the Raiders and the Jaguars- with the Jaguars sporting the worst record of the NFL at 2-12. 

Carson Wentz Was the Difference In the Colts vs Cardinals Game

Several of the predictions that Frank Reich made for the Colts vs Cardinals match came in true. At some point, the Colts were definitely going to need their main quarterback to get back on top of his game and win them the match. And Carson Wentz did exactly that.

Getting a splendid opportunity on Christmas night, he proved his head coach right. While the team was frustrated and struggling behind an offensive line that was missing four of the preferred starters, Wentz knew he had to lead. Although he was jumpy initially, he found himself when the Colts needed him the most. 

The second half of the Colts vs Cardinals game saw Carson Wentz going full throttle by firing the ball into tight windows. First, he threw it to Mo Alie-Cox on a play where Buddy Baker, the safety for Arizona fell down, which allowed Alie-Cox to keep sprinting for 38 yards. 

It was quite visible how Wentz had turned into the clutch for the team, bringing out his A-game in the Colts vs Cardinals match, as he bought his team time while landing throws perfectly.