Keith Urban Reveals Shocking And Inspiring Career Moment

keith urban
keith urban

The career of Keith Urban has been celebrated and long. However, it has not always been easy for the singer. On Thursday, he revealed a glimpse into one of the most heart-breaking moments in his life. He said that the moment could have altered the course of his life completely.

Keith Urban’s Difficult Times

Keith Urban, the hitmaker, posted on his social media a video from his past. In the video, he was performing at some talent show when he was much younger. It was clear that Urban was only a teenager. However, his talent in playing the guitar and singing could be seen clearly.

However, the judge’s show had not seen it. The judge said that Keith Urban had no future in making a solo career as an artist. He even outright told him that Urban lacked the strength to make the career successful.

But Keith Urban showed the video to not discourage his fans, but to inspire them. He reminded his followers that dreams should never be abandoned. After the previous clip, Keith posted another one where he was rocking out in front of hundreds. He had become a global star by then. He wrote in the video that sometimes they just have to be proven wrong.

His fans soon poured in the love and compliments. Most comments were about how successful Keith Urban was at proving that judge wrong. Others admitted how proud they were of his journey and what he has achieved. Some others could not hold back their tears.

Keith Urban has an amazing family as well, with Nicole Kidman, his wife. The lives of both celebrities were not without hardships. The actress had recently even revealed how their lives had been before all the fame. She revealed that her parents had nothing when they had settled in America.