Congress Would Try To Shift Away From Politics In Their Investigation Of 6th Of January


Congress would be looking towards putting up a panel for the 6th January mob attacks- while keeping politics out of the frame. Interestingly, both the Republicans and the Democrats have turned towards the 9/11 Commission which would be seen as a method of cooperation.

The Commission Needs To Be Devoid Of Congress Interference 

But there have been fears that they wouldn’t be able to keep politics out of the situation- something that also crept up in the 9/11 Commission. It goes without saying that it will be very important for them to absolutely keep politics out of the question when they are investigating mob riots that were supposedly incited by the previous President. 

It has already been reported that Donald Trump was acquitted just the previous week. Although his lawyers did defend that he wasn’t in any form responsible for the attacks, most of the members of Congress believe that he might have had a larger role than what appears. After all, close to 7 Republicans joined 50 Democrats which led to a 57-43 vote. 

Senior Congress member Nancy Pelosi has decided to propose legislation that would bring in both parties. This was hinted at, after taking in wisdom from legislators, and the erstwhile leaders of the 9/11 Commission. 

An interview with the members of the 9/11 Commission brought out information that a successful commission could only be created if the members would be able to do away with the partisan fray. Also, it is important that Congress not step on their toes, and actually let the members investigate on their own- while putting forth adequate resources. This was what the previous Commission had done- Tom Kean had struck up a friendship with Lee Hamilton- whilst removing staff who had been a part of the last political campaign.