Joe Biden Has Decided To Stand Strong Behind Budget Pick Despite Controversies

Immigration Measures
Immigration Measures

Joe Biden, the newest President of the United States, has decided to back his White House budget chief choice even though one of his party members has officially spoken about voting against her. Neera Tanden, the pick in question has been tapped in to be the chief of the Office of Management and Budget- and she has been facing quite an obstacle on her path. 

Joe Biden’s Pick, Neera Tanden, Might Have To Mend A Few Bridges To Secure The Position

The issue- a trail of tweets from the past, along with a few statements that target a few senators of the GOP along with Bernie Sanders. Nonetheless, Joe Biden is going to stand tall behind his choice- even though it will mean losing a major vote. On the same note, Tanden has decided to reach out to senators over the course of the next week- as has been reported by a familiar to the Oval Office. 

The source further stated that Tanden has not just been backed by Joe Biden. His belief in her being able to turn the American economy around has been echoed by several important individuals in the business community- as well as the labor movement. She is someone who has had quite an impressive resume behind her- and it is time that she was backed for her credentials. 

Ever since Joe Biden named her as his pick, Neera Tanden has been on an outreach program. She has been continuously meeting Senators- having met close to 35 senators of both parties. In fact, she is not alone in this- as the team which puts forward the Cabinet confirmations have also made contact with the Pacific Islander organizations, along with the Asian American groups. 

Yet, it seems that she wouldn’t meet with unanimous support, as Joe Manchin, the Senator from West Virginia has stated that he would be opposing her. In a statement, the Senator announced that her earlier tweets had been overtly partisan. Also, Sen. Manchin believes that Joe Biden’s choice might harm the relationship that is still growing strong between the OMB and Congress.

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