Adnan Syed Is A Free Man: Two Decades After His Wrongful Conviction, Court Drops Charges Against Him

Adnan Syed

American prosecutors dropped charges against Adnan Syed. The Baltimore resident’s case gained global attention through Serial, his hit podcast on the killing of his girlfriend. Syed has been in prison for 23 years, convicted of murdering Hae Min Lee, his former girlfriend.

But last month, the Baltimore Circuit Court drooped all charges against him and his sentence was quashed. Eria Suter, his lawyer stated that Adnan Syed would finally be a free man for the rest of his life. She added that he had lost 23 precious years in prison for something he was totally innocent of.

Marilyn Mosby, the state attorney of Baltimore, announced at a press meeting on Tuesday that the changes were being dropped and it meant that the case was closed and Adnan Syed could never be indicted again for this crime.

Mosby said that justice has finally been done and added that her office would continue in its pursuit of those responsible for the death of Lee. She also apologized to both families of Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee for his wrongful confinement for 23 years.

Adnan Syed Can Never Again Be Prosecuted In This Case

Syed would need formal documentation that would finally confirm his innocence, Mosby said. The murder conviction against Syed, 41, was quashed in September after a case review for over a year revealed that there were two other possible suspects.

Prosecutors were given a month to decide if they wished to continue with the case or drop all charges.

Adnan Syed had consistently professed his innocence from the start of the trial. His account was recounted in Serial, the hugely successful podcast which discussed the case and cast aspersion on the trial and doubted his guilt.

The show’s episodes were downloaded over 340 M times since its release. The conviction was finally quashed after the office of the State Attorney of Baltimore cast their doubt on the integrity in the whole conviction process. They also identified two potential suspects, known to the investigators since the beginning of the investigation.

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