Covid Plan Of Joe Biden Has Been Explained

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

President Joe Biden has brought out his Covid Plan since the COVID situation in the country has gone worse. Almost 1,500 people have been dying every single day, with around 150,000 cases every day.

With a large section of the population in hospitals, it has been estimated that the total number of deaths would rise above the current total of 653,000. This could very well eclipse the death total from the Influenza pandemic of 1918, as well as every single conflict the country has been a part of, except the Civil War.

On Thursday, the President spoke about his Covid Plan, but the nation also got to see their premier losing his eternal cool. Biden justifiably expressed his annoyance at those who refuse to be vaccinated, stating that their refusal has been costing every single one of them.

After that, the POTUS laid out the various requirements and mandates that would help the country get this virus under control. As has been reported, the President has a six-prong strategy that would deal with the virus. 

The Six-Pronged Covid Plan

The first line of attack was the vaccination of those who haven’t yet, by putting up mandates that any employer with over a hundred employees in their workforce needed to get them vaccinated, as well as organizing PCR tests weekly. This has been met with some vociferous opposition from the Republican end, but stricter times call for stricter measures. The second plan involves strengthening the vaccinations through booster shots.

In fact, several recipients of the Pfizer vaccine have been deemed ready for the booster shots as soon as the 20th of September, but the FDA hasn’t approved this procedure yet. 

Another plan involves opening up schools only after strict measures have been taken. The Covid plan of the POTUS involves making up the salary of any administrator or teacher whose pay has been withheld due to a state that has opposed mask requirements.