Remembrance Day: A Trip Back To Tragedy

Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is observed every year in America. It is a day where people look back on the tragic events of 9/11. Even after so many years, the tragedy seems to have permanently scarred the Americans. They choose this occasion to mourn the death of the victims. 9/11 has been one of the biggest tragedies of the recent past. Two suicide bombers crashed right through the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

The attacks were masterminded by a terrorist organization, namely, Al-Qaida. Four US airplanes were hijacked by the terrorist on 9th September 2001. Osama bin Laden was suspected to be in the realm of things. Laden initially denied his involvement with the attacks. However, a few years later, in 2004 he officially admitted his relationship with the event. 9th September 2021 will mark the completion of two decades of the attacks. Let us take a detailed dive into remembering the deceased souls. 

Remembrance Day 2021 Will Mark Two Decades Of Terror

It has been twenty years since the dreadful attacks were launched on the World Trade Center. A series of remembrance events have been planned all over the country. The events will pay tribute to those who have lost their lives. It will also facilitate the survivors, some of whom were severely injured. 

9/11 used to be a holiday announced by the federal government. However, former US President Barack Obama declared Remembrance Day as a working day. However, the day still holds significant importance. It is now addressed as Patriot Day & National Day Of Service & Remembrance. 

Donald Wolfensberger is a former staff member of the Committee of House Rules. He stated that declaring Remembrance Day a holiday would refrain the people from organizing ceremonies. One of the biggest events of remembrance is conducted at the Pentagon.