Covid Relief Bill Causing Clashes Within The Democrats

Covid Relief Bill
Covid Relief Bill

The moderate wing and the left-wing of the Senate are finding themselves on conflicting grounds on the proposed Covid Relief Bill. The recent effort to raise the minimum daily wage to $15 per hour has failed. This is not a good sign for other progressive reforms that were promised during the campaign.

The Conflict Of The Covid Relief Bill With Budget Rules

Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough is only there to referee the procedures. However, she has said that the proposed minimum wage hike violates special budget reconciliation rules.

Democrats had brought up the unique budget reconciliation plan to avoid bringing the covid relief bill to a vote because attaining the 60 votes required to pass it is almost impossible at the moment. However, Senator MacDonough has decreed that the provision pertaining to minimum wage does not qualify for the budget reconciliation plan.

This has enraged the liberal wing of the party. Rep. Omar, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, as well as Rep. Jayapal, all agree that there should be an overruling of this judgment. They believe that the promise made to the Americans is of paramount importance.

However, in order to override the parliament, the Democrats would again need 60 votes. Furthermore, moderate Democrats such as Senator Joe Machin opposed including the wage hike in the covid relief bill as well.

As such, the left-oriented Democrats are faced with either replacing the Parliamentarian with a more favorable one or duking it out with one that will openly criticize them.

As such, the great promises made are now facing the realities of the Parliament. It might prove to be a great cause for concern for the Joe Biden administration.

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