Chelsea V Man United: Luke Shaw Misheard Official, Manchester United Reports

Chelsea V Man United
Chelsea V Man United

Luke Shaw, the Manchester United left-back, reportedly heard the match referee admit to not giving a penalty because there might be “a lot of talk.” The Premier League match, Chelsea V Man United had ended in a 0-0 draw.

After what was considered a huge moment in the run of play, Luke Shaw had made the allegations immediately after the goalless draw at Stamford Bridge. In an interview with Sky Sports, he said that he was left confused at how the situation was handled.

Details Of The Incident In The Chelsea V Man United Match

The incident involved Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood and Chelsea’s Calum Hudson Odoi lightly handling the ball in the Chelsea penalty box. The referee Stuart Atwell had deemed the incident unfit for a handball and had carried on the play. However, on further suggestions, he stopped play to review for VAR. He maintained his decision after reviewing.

However, Shaw reportedly heard the referee, Stuart Atwell, speaking to his club captain on the decision, and saying that he would not give the penalty because there might be “a lot of talk” because of it. He rues that the unnecessary stop had come at a time when his team was in an attacking position.

Manchester United officials however have clarified that Shaw had misheard the conversation, based on Maguire’s report. 

The two coaches involved in the Chelsea v Man United match-up however agreed on the seemingly disruptive intervention of the VAR, in this case. Solskjaer was fuming that the penalty was not given. He insisted that the external voices of the other coaches or pundits should not affect the decisions that referees are supposed to make. Tuchel agreed on the point that the decision to review was unnecessary.

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