Cristiano Ronaldo’s Substitution Shows Football’s Evolution

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo demonstrated that there remains a stigma associated with sitting on the substitute list, but that must change as in age of the 5 replacements. Sammy Lander, the 1st specialized substitutes trainer in the sport, shows how there are benefits to playing the job well.

The job has come back into the spotlight thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo’s response to life among some of the replacements. However, it did so at a period when the effect and significance of the Prem League replacement were never more clear.

Ronaldo was benched for Man United’s match against the Blues in Oct as a result of his refusal to enter the game as a belated substitution and early exit from the victory over Tottenham.

On the contrary Tottenham’s Hueng-Min Son has successfully delivered a hat-trick coming on as a substitute from the bench just in the previous month.  After seven years, Son becomes the first substitute player to do so. In fact, when Cristiano Ronaldo himself came as a sub against Everton, he delivered a spectacular goal as well. That goal increased the average of goals scored by substitutes in the Premier League to the highest level for a decade.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Substitution Opens New Perspective About The Game:

The regulation that currently permits a team to choose five substitutes, promoting their earlier entrance, has the logical result of allowing those earlier introductions. Any player or manager who decides to minimize or disregard the potential that this affords does so at their own risk.

Sean Dyche, a manager of the premier league said that he thought that if someone is on the right lines, he will always stick with that. He added that how he remembers that there were many more just some years back, about the fact that he don’t use his substitution.

However, the game is evolving, and now with five substitutions in each game the players get a good rest, the coach can keep each of the members of his squad fresh and match ready, and sometimes substitutes take these chances to show their potential.