Odell Beckham Jr. Speaks Of Disappointment And Feeling Deprived

San Fransisco 49ers
San Fransisco 49ers

Even as the Cleveland Browns failed to find buyers in their attempt to sell Odell Beckham Jr., their star wide receiver, before the trade deadline, they agreed to part ways. The 3 time Pro Bowl selection finally went to the LA Rams in what was essentially a prove-it short-term deal.

Odell Beckham Jr has proved himself more than enough. While he had only 17 catches over 232 yards with no touchdowns during his stint with the Browns, this season with the LA Rams has been much better. He has managed the end zone 4 times even as the Rams head for the playoffs.

Odell never managed to click with Mayfield and in 29 games had only 7 receiving touchdowns plus a rushing touchdown.

Odell Beckham Jr Never Settled Down With The Browns

He feels deprived over the past 2 years. He says that it was true that he missed the zone, but it has never been smooth and seamless, and he hoped it would be. He feels that he has the capability to score 1-2 times every game. He feels that he can reach 100 yards in every game.

Odell Beckham Jr let LeBron James and his father make social posts helping him get out of Cleveland. The Browns finally came to an agreement with Beckham on a restructured contract that ended his time with the Browns.

Beckham said that he was glad to be in a place where he was enjoying playing again. He says he enjoys seeing Cooper Kupp making history. Kupp is ahead in the NFL with his 132 catches over 1,734 yards with 14 touchdowns.

The LA Rams have finalized a berth in the playoffs and can earn a victory in the division if they win and the Cardinals lose against the Cowboys. Odell Beckham has not been part of any team that has clinched a title, appearing in only a postseason game.