Mike Pence Contradicts Donald Trump On 6th January!

Mike Pence
Mike Pence

On the night of Thursday, Mike Pence, Vice President, Former, rebuked Donald Trump, former President of the United States in a debate regarding overturning the presidential election results in 2020. On 6th January, Mike Pence said that his heart will always be full of pride because of his role in affirming the US Presidential Election results of 2020. His statement was following the deadly riot carried out by the supporters of Donald Trump at the Capitol. 

Mike Pence Calls The Claims Of Trump “Un-American”!

At the Presidential Library named after Ronald Reagan in California’s Simi Valley, the remarks of Pence were focusing mainly on a platform with Pro-Trump supporters for his important run towards the White House. But a very harsh assessment was offered by Pence towards the claims of Trump. This happened during the weeks and days before 6th January. In Congress, a plea arose regarding changing the presidential election results while the official vote-counting process was going on. 

Mike Pence said that according to the US Constitution, no authority is given to the US vice president regarding returning or rejecting electoral votes that were submitted by the states to Congress. Trump claimed at a rally on 6th January that Pence had the opportunity to do the correct thing while rejecting the votes submitted by the States.

Pence didn’t mention Trump but said that many people think that a single person can elect the president but things don’t work out that way. He concluded by saying that this idea seems very un-American to him. Trump still insists that the 2020 election was a fraud. This week, in an interview, he stated that he is still not defeated but is extremely disappointed in Pence.