Cynthia Johnson Removed By House GOP From Committees

Cynthia Johnson
Cynthia Johnson

Cynthia Johnson, Rep., D-Detroit was removed from the committee assignments by the House GOP after she made certain comments on a video that she posted on Facebook on Tuesday. R-Levering, Lee Chatfield, House Speaker and R-Clare, Jason Wentworth, Speaker-elect said in a news release that Cynthia Johnson issued threats in her video on Wednesday.

On Tuesday evening, during the end of her video, she asked law enforcement officials to track down someone who threatened her before warning that person.

What Made Cynthia Johnson Post That Video?

The last seconds of her video received huge attention on Facebook which was cited in the news release by the Republican party of Michigan on Wednesday. However, in that video, Johnson called on her supporters to hit them and stand by her.

Being a Black person, Cynthia Johnson received racist messages and death threats after she questioned Rudy Giuliani in a recent hearing of the legislative committee. She also posted voicemails on Facebook stating that some even called for her lynching. She is posted on the Committee on House Oversight as the minority vice-chair. She has also served on Seniors, Families and Children committees and the Agriculture committees.

Wentworth and Chatfield issued a joint statement where they said that threats to Republicans or Democrats are un-American and unacceptable which is more unacceptable for the elected official. They have removed Cynthia Johnson and issued proper authorities to conduct investigations and take disciplinary action.

Dana Nessel, Attorney General, Michigan condemned the threats against Johnson and also the comments made by Johnson in her video. Nessel said that while receiving a threat the most appropriate thing you can do is to dial 911 or contact your police department.

In her second video, Cynthia Johnson elaborated further on her text to “soldiers”.She termed the soldiers as soldiers of Christ, against racism, against misogyny, against domestic terrorism, and domestic violence and called on them to rise.

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