Supreme Court Rejects Donald Trump’s Claims Concerning The Election Results

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This is the first time in history that a President is carrying out such activities. The Supreme Court, dominated by the Conservatives, is devastated by the delusionary hopes of Trump to bring his dreams of reversing his election defeat into life. However, Trump still seems to be determined after this.

The delusions of Donald Trump concerning the 2020 Presidential election results seem to be unstoppable. His defying activities about the election results are dangerous as they threaten the democracy of the voters of America.

The Supreme Court Seems To Be Quite Adamant About Its Decisions

The Supreme Court made it clear that they will not be accepting silly, baseless cases, especially the ones that have already been rejected by other subordinate courts as well.

Trump was of the view that the judges appointed by him to the Supreme Court would help him in this election propaganda. Unfortunately, this view was crushed when they denied the request made by the Pennsylvania Republicans. What they had asked was to make the certification of the election result of their state inaccessible. The denial of the Supreme Court also highlighted the fact that baseless, unscientific theories of conspiracies like these will, in no manner, affect the Court. It might however have an effect on some media propagandists of the politician.

Mike Gwin, the spokesperson of President-elect Joe Biden, gave the statement that Joe Biden was the winner of the election and that was it. The election was over and that he would be swearing-in as the President in the month of January.

As for facts, the election was won by Joe Biden. He earned 306 electoral votes against 232 that Trump earned. There is no scientific evidence to the claims of Trump regarding the occurrence of irregularities during the election process.