Formula 1 Portuguese Grand Prix Sees Hamilton Inch Closer to 100th Victory

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Lewis Hamilton is three wins away from a century of Formula 1 victories. On Sunday, the Portuguese Grand Prix was Hamilton’s 97th. Moreover, it was possibly one of the more special wins in the Englishman’s career.

The Formula 1 Season Is Heating Up

With the win, Lewis Hamilton has extended his lead at the top of the Formula 1 standings. In the race, he managed to overtake both Max Verstappen as well as Valtteri Bottas, his teammate. This is also Lewis’s second win in as many as three races. It will be a pleasant surprise for his Mercedes team as the season had started at a disadvantage.

Lewis Hamilton later said that it was a fantastic feeling. In all the races till now, Hamilton and Verstappen have fought tooth-and-nail. However, this time around the British found himself in third in the beginning phases of the Formula 1 race. However, it took him only 20 laps before he was in front of the pack. After that, no one could catch him up.

Toto Wolff, the team boss, said that Lewis had put in an immaculate performance. However, it is all under expectation given the driver’s record. His standard is just that high.

In the Formula 1 race, cars had to follow a safety car as early as two laps in. It ran around till the seventh lap with Bottas taking advantage of a rare Lewis Hamilton mistake to take the lead. The mistake would cost him even more as Verstappen also closed in on him before cleanly passing him in the first turn.

However, the experienced champion driver followed the Formula 1 cars with all he had. The task was daunting, and he repeated it twice to go in front. Max Verstappen also claimed to be enjoying the Formula 1 race seriously.