Dallas Maverick, Luka Doncic Got Stings From The Hornets

Dallas Mavericks

The postseason hope of Dallas mavericks is slowly slipping away from their hands. Getting defeated against the Hornets will cost them dearly.

The Charlotte Hornets has come back from trailing forty points thanks to Luka Doncic and they beat Dallas comfortably after that. This has been the second time that the hornets had stung the Mavericks in only three days. This has also hurt the chances of Mavericks to visit the playoffs for the first time.

Hayword, and Washington has been the best players for the Hornets. The former scored twenty-two points in the fixture and the later scored twenty-one points with twelve rebound points. This has been one of the best displays by any Hornets players in the league this season.

The Mavericks is now tied with Oklahoma City for the tenth best record in their league. However, they have not entered in the bubble of the tournaments. However, with their top scorer back in their team again, they might able to turn their future around.

Dallas Mavericks Got Stung By The Hornets

Jason Kidd, the Dallas Maverick coach said that this defeat is unacceptable. He said that they will let these defeat slide and instead should figure out how to stop these problem. He however did not forget to add that the defense of his team has disappointed him very much.

Kyrie Irving got eighteen points for the Dallas Mavericks. He said that losing any game in Basketball is very frustrating for him. Dallas despite starting well felt they had a lot to overcome. The Mavericks tried their best to turn the game around by the fourth quarter of the game. However, by then the game already went out of their hands.