Damar Hamlin Is In Critical Condition: The Bills vs Bengals Game Has Been Postponed

Damar Hamlin

The safety for Buffalo, Damar Hamlin is fighting against death in a tough battle in the hospital even though his heartbeat has been restored.

Damar Hamlin suffered a mild heart attack on the pitch while playing against the Cincinati Bengals in Monday Night. Even though his heartbeat has been restored in no time, the player is on critical condition fighting against death in the Cincinati Hospital.

It has been a chilling scene in the midway through the first quarter of the game on Monday. In the clash between two of the toughest powerhouses in the NFL, suddenly the spine-chilling incident happened and the game was postponed after that.

The CPR team after the incident was quick to get to Damar Hamlin on the field. They got him oxygen when he was taken away from the field in an ambulance. The medics team took him to the nearest hospital in the University of Cincinati Medical Center.

Damar Hamlin Is Critical: Match Postponed:

As per the news we are getting so far from the Buffalo Bills Camp, the player is currently under a critical condition and the hospital he is in has not given any statement until morning.

Long into Mon night, the bulk of the Buffalo Bills team stayed at Stadium. The squad subsequently left just after midnight as well as headed back to Buffalo, including all players not located in Damar Hamlin.

The NFL didn’t provide an updated on the possibility of postponing the game inside a teleconference soon after midnight even as league entered the last week of their regular season.

Following over-the-middle reception of Higgins’ for the star Cincinati Bengals wide receiver near midfield, Damar Hamlin struck Higgins, resulting in the accident. Hamlin was struck in the heart by Higgins as he led using his right shoulder. After that, Hamlin rapidly sprang up, stood for roughly 3 seconds, but then suddenly fell to the ground. Athletic trainers arrived to assist almost away, and as they shielded his face, a stretcher was carried him out of the field.