Political Top Story From New York : Trump and family’s request for the $250 million lawsuit is denied by a New York judge

New York
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New York politics made headlines yesterday when a judge ruled in favor of President Donald Trump in a lawsuit seeking $250 million in damages. The lawsuit, which was brought by former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, accused Trump of repeatedly misusing his charitable foundation for personal and political gain.

The judge’s ruling marks a significant victory for Trump, who has faced a number of legal challenges in recent years. It is also a blow to Schneiderman, who had hoped to hold the former president accountable for his alleged misconduct.

The case against Trump centred on allegations that he used the Trump Foundation to further his political ambitions, make payments to settle legal disputes, and promote his business interests. Schneiderman argued that these actions violated state and federal law, and that Trump should be required to pay substantial damages as a result.

Ivanka Trump, who left the company in 2017 to take a job in the White House, asserted that the charges against her were outdated and that she didn’t fudge any financial documents on her own. According to the court, the attorney general’s office has “sufficiently” accused Trump of wrongdoing to withstand a move to dismiss.

The New York Judge Must Give The Plaintiffs’ Accusations More Weight In A Petition To Dismiss:

Trump and his attorneys disputed the allegations, calling them baseless and politically motivated. They argued that the lawsuit was a politically motivated attack designed to tarnish the former president’s reputation.

The judge’s ruling is sure to be a top story in the days and weeks ahead, as both sides assess the implications of the decision. It is also likely to reignite the ongoing debate over the role of politics in the legal system, and whether individuals with political power are held to the same standards as others.