House Of Gucci Stars Lady Gaga In The Trailer

House of Gucci
House of Gucci

House Of Gucci has released its new trailer. The trailer has revealed the cast for Mr.Gucci & Mrs.Gucci. The trailer starred Lady Gaga & Adam Driver as the lead casts. Characters played by the two were also revealed. Lady Gaga will be playing the role of Patricia Reggiani. She will play an Italian in the movie. Adam on the other hand will portray Maurizio Gucci. The movie is set to hit the theatres on 24th November. It is directed by Ridley Scott.

House Of Gucci Trailer Depicts Money, Aura & Superiority

The trailer was much anticipated. Fans from all around the world waited to get the big reveal of the casts. Finally, the trailer was released on Thursday. It confirmed Lady Gaga as the lead character of the movie.

House Of Gucci is expected to be a thriller. It will give us a sneak peek inside Italy’s biggest fashion brand. It will portray all the pomp and show, the glitter, and everything else. The main story will revolve around an Italian married couple. They are depicted to lead a very luxurious lifestyle. An over-the-top wedding ceremony topped with a criminal offense will set the tone of the film. 

Lady Gaga could not hide her happiness after being cast in the movie. According to her, the movie has a sensual, stylish & superior tone all through. Lady Gaga will play Reggiani. She was the head of Gucci and was accused of planning the murder of her husband. 

Jared Leto plays the character of Paolo Gucci. When asked, he shared the secret. Leto stated that 5hours of intense prosthetic makeup transformed him to look unrecognizable.

House of Gucci offended the Gucci family. Patrizia Gucci did not seem to be happy about the film. She accused Ridley to invade the family’s privacy. She also claimed that the film is using the fame of the Guccis to earn profit.