Dana Nessel Was Criticized For Her Views About St. Patrick’s Parade

Dana Nessel
Dana Nessel

Dana Nessel, the Attorney General of Michigan, is being criticized after posing her views about Corktown’s Detroit St. Patrick’s Parade. The majority of the people who have seen her post are now questioning her integrity and character. She took a dig at the event and immediately it received numerous backlashes as the post was inappropriate for many users. 

Dana Nessel, The Attorney General Received a Huge Public Backlash 

Dana Nessel, later on, deleted her tweet and then later on again reposted it and stated that a certain section of the population must be ready to toss back or criticize Detroit’s St. Patrick’s Parade. The post was not given by the official account of Dana Nessel, but rather from her personal account which is connected to her campaign. 

In the views of Dr. Deirdre Pitts, a professor at a medical school in Oakland, Dana Nessel has intentionally created a micro-aggression in her recent post. She pointed out that separating a protected group is not a good decision to make as it can have negative repercussions. Thus, in her opinion, Dana must realize that she has hurt sentiments and must apologize as soon as possible. 

Dana Nessel’s post was offensive and harmful to many citizens. Her reposted tweet was made to segregate some people where she wrote that people who are driving, underage, Mormon, Muslim, and alcoholic, will not have the interest to take a shot of Jameson. She knew that there will be revolt after this post and maybe she wanted chaos. 

She then wished everyone a good Patrick’s day. As per sources, she must have been drinking while making the post and earlier she did similar things. She recently even admitted that she had fallen asleep during the match of the University of Michigan v. Michigan State game and her dozing picture was viral all over the internet. However, some people are also supporting her by praising her sense of humor.