Demi Lovato Shares Photos At Funeral For Her Punk Music

demi lovato
demi lovato

Non-binary punk musician, Demi Lovato has posted photos of her along with several people, including Scooter Braun, her manager. She is seen holding up her middle finger. Her caption reads that it was a funeral being held for her brand of pop music.

The singer of Confident also posted other stories on Instagram that showed her belting a new sound. Her companion on the video exhorts viewers to play any music they liked whenever they want, and move away from the rules and the whole group agreed in unison.

There were two videos of Demi Lovato on Instagram with what appeared to be the teaser of a fresh song with lyrics that spoke about buying tickets and watching freaks going berserk. The video depicts a man editing what appears to be a new song by the singer.

Demi Lovato Bids Adieu To Pop With A Funeral

It appears she has gone for a total makeover for the singer. Lovato had earlier deleted the entire pictures on her Instagram account and has been uploading fresh videos.

She has even sported a spider tattoo perched on her head. She even has a metal industrial piercing that complements the ink.

Demi Lovato says that it was the spider who has taught us several things, setting off a flurry of messages from fans.

Lovato is also fighting to get rid of her drug dependency. She competed for a quiet stint in rehabilitation last December. It comes 3 years after a near-fatal out overdose. She was quietly composed after her stint at the rehab facility.

Demi Lovato was back from rehab in Utah and reported that she was fine according to sources close to her. The source though did not go into details on why she needed to go into rehab. But Lovato recently informed fans that ‘Sober California’ wasn’t performing for them any longer.

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