CPAC 2021; Look Into The Details Of It

CPAC 2021
CPAC 2021

A number of politicians belonging to the Republican party made the most of the platform of CPAC 2021 (Conservative Political Action Conference). They carried out their activities keeping in mind the nomination of the party in the year 2021. The conference was held in the city of Orlando in Florida.

It is not a hidden fact that the race for the year 2021 will take years to come into formation. However, CPAC 2021 was a little different. It provided a passage into the Grand Old Party primary. The one that is highly populated by the Republican party is different from the old one. The one that is built on the basis of the animations drawn from the campaigns of Donald Trump, the former president.

CPAC 2021 Theme – “Cancel Culture”

Most of the speakers took to the CPAC 2021 platform to embrace the claims made by Trump with regard to the presidential elections. They talked about how it got rigged. The event was built by the organizers in a place that is associated with Trump. It is his adopted home state.

The theme of CPAC 2021 was chosen to be “cancel culture.” There is a deep background behind the choice of it. It refers to the banning of the former president from various platforms of social media. The audience did not comply with the reminder that asked them to put on their masks. This can be compared to the time when Trump did the same thing. Ted Cruz, the Republican senator from Texas, gave a statement. He claimed that Donald Trump had no plans of leaving. This statement was agreed to by the attendees of CPAC 2021.

All the attendees of the conference spoke about their political preference. They claimed that they would go for Donald Trump in the election of 2024 if he decides to run.