Darcey Silva’s Ex Cannot Get Over Her

Darcey Silva

Georgi Rusev still has feelings for his ex-fiance Darcey Silva. They ended their engagement last year, and in a recent podcast, he shared he is unable to forget her. And Stacey Silva’s fiance technically asked Georgi to be his best man for his wedding. He is still in love with her, which is evident in his words and face. He further admits that he still cares about her, although isn’t sure about her feelings. And being hopeful about the future.

Darcey Silva Is Quite The Heartbreaker

Darcey Silva and her twin sister planned a twin wedding. Darcey Silva was engaged to Georgi Rusev and was supposed to get married on the same day as Stacey. She deep down feels sad for him, She herself was very much excited to get married. The Silva sisters went on wedding shopping, and she was supposed to try on a wedding dress as well. Which didn’t happen, and she also said to Stacey that it broke her heart that her relationship with Georgi didn’t work out. But that’s also okay. However, even if Darcey Silva not getting married now, she wants to be there for her sister Stacey. It is her big day and she doesnt wanna ruin it.

Darcey Silva is not happy with her sister’s behavior, as the twin wedding is off the table, and the whole expenses came upon Stacey. And Stacey is not quite happy about the fact, however, it’s justified. Darcey Silva complained about how her sister was ignorant that she ended her engagement, she might be going through a hard time. But Stacey is unaware of everything, her head is totally in the wedding, least bothered about what’s going on outside or even with Darcey. Which is hurting her the most, they grew up together still unable to notice the hardship she is going through. Darcey Silva is now stepping into a situation where she can talk to new men.