Man City Loses Again Even As It Faces Charges Of Breaking Premier League Financial Rules

Manchester City
Man City

The news that Man City was charged with financial irregularities and was under further investigation has sent shock waves in the football world. Man City have bagged 6 Premier League titles but of them, 3, in 2011-12, 2013-14, and 2017-18, are under investigation for an apparent break of monetary rules.

Football authorities have charged the club for over 100 instances of breach of financial fair play guidelines. The irregularities were detected across 9 league seasons starting 2009-10. The breaches include allegations that the club provided misleading financial information, irregularities in the manager and player remuneration, and also in supporting investigations made by the Premier League authorities that were launched 4 years ago.

Independent Judicial Panel To Overlook Man City Irregularities

Man City have issued a statement of its own which termed the announcement surprising and said that they had with them irrefutable evidence that would set aside the matter for good. The statement from the club read that Man City was surprised at the allegation of the alleged break of league rules. They said that it was particularly surprising as it provided vast details of materials as evidence.

Man City further stated that the club welcomed the review by a sovereign body. It said it would consider impartially the complete body of proof that exists to further its claim. It further said that it looked forward to setting aside the matter for good.

The hard piece of news outside the field came even as Man City went down 0-1 to Spurs on Sunday. The news is sure to affect Guardiola and the players even as they attempt to close the gap with Arsenal who is way ahead in the league title race. But the news of the investigation would have far-reaching implications and might even cost the team a slot in the Champions League.