Ed Brown’s Never-Ending Tantrums

Ed Brown

Ed Browm or Big Ed, the photographer is familiar with the world. His journey started with TLC’s 90days fiance, a reality show where a man and a woman meet on social media. And the brand gave them a chance to work things out for the better. Most of the couples were trying to get US citizens, which is the whole point of the show. And Ed Brown does have a reputation.

Ed Brown’s Innocence Is Yet To Be Proved

Everyone has been witnessing Ed Brown’s mean behavior toward his girlfriends and almost fiancees. His journey started with Rose, in the Philippines when was a 23-year-old girl. He went to the country to stay with her. After witnessing her poverty Ed couldn’t fathom imagine how her lifestyle must be, and no wonder her sister asked Ed for money.

These are past now, but Ed Brown didn’t hold himself even at this age to get married or have a girlfriend. He is currently engaged to Elizabeth Liz Woods, who accused Ed of cheating. She has evidence of Ed Brown’s existence on an Asian dating website, which was active two hours ago.

Not only that, all this time he has been in contact with his ex-fiancee.Ed Brown supposedly ended his engagement with Liz and asked her to move out just last week. Liz kept bringing evidence to the table and Ed is in a full denial mood, he denied it even though he had a conversation with Rose. According to him, the screenshots are lying, he couldn’t remember having that conversation at all.

Nevertheless, to Ed, the whole situation is so overwhelming that he cannot think of reconciliation with Liz at the moment. He does love her, but she is not the person whom he met at the beginning, whom he fell in love with.

Liz has told the crew that Ed Brown has pulled the last straw, so it is highly unlikely for her to take him back. He has pushed her away before and will do it again, she fears.