Darren Criss Surprises His Best Friend By Renovating His House

darren criss
darren criss

Darren Criss decided to pay tribute to his manager cum best friend Ricky Rollins. He always wanted to treat his friend with something grand. Criss always had very high regard for Ricky. Criss believed that all his fame was just because of Rollins. Ricky seemed to be shocked with joy when he saw his renovated house. More details to follow. 

Darren Criss Sets Up Friendship Goals As He Gives A New Look To Ricky Rollins’ Space

Criss’ best friend Ricky, was awestruck. He could not believe what his friend had done for him. Criss unveiled this surprise gift at a TV show for Rollins. 

Criss stated that without Rollins, he would not have been able to accomplish such fame. Ricky guided him constantly. He provided him with valuable opportunities to flourish as a professional. Criss regarded himself as lucky to get a manager like Ricky. He also termed their friendship as the greatest gift one can get in a lifetime. 

Darren expressed his ideas about Ricky’s office space. He said he always dreamt of designing a perfect official space for him. He planned on getting the garage space renovated into a new studio. 

Remembering their journey, Criss expressed their strong bond. They initially started as friends who sang together. With time, they became inseparable friends. They have now traveled almost all of the world with each other. They now cannot even think of parting ways. Criss said this gesture was a token of appreciation on his part.

Darren Criss narrated the journey of renovating Ricky’s garage space. How he lacked skills and got fixed with the jackhammer. He stated that he cleaned up space to allow it to transform. All in all, it was a luxurious renovation that left Ricky Rollins spellbound. 

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