Dating during Coronavirus: How to stay connected during COVID



The global pandemic of 2020 has impacted so many areas of the way we live, none more so than how we communicate with each other. A whole new lexicon of words has entered the vocabulary. When we embark on shopping trips we have to observe social distancing. You don’t go to the office, you interact with your co-workers by using remote connection software like zoom.  Dating platforms have been one activity that has continued to flourish, despite the lockdown. Here are some of the ways you can ensure you stay connected during the COVID crisis. 

Choose from a range of potential outlets 

The ability to connect with a diverse range of prospective partners is one of the reasons why dating websites have taken off in recent years. To give you the best chance of remaining connected with the person most suitable for a relationship, you should think carefully before actually joining a site. There are so many to choose from, each offering nuanced functionality depending on what its members are looking for. There are even specialized review services that provide pros and cons of best dating sites out there. Be mindful of your longer-term ambitions. 

Become a wordsmith 

Because we can no longer enjoy face-to-face encounters with people we are attracted to, we need to rely on our ability to exchange virtual messages. The more we get used to touching base via our keyboards rather than meeting in social situations, the more adept we will become at writing texts. Where relationships are concerned, we can improve communication no end by becoming creative when we are touchung base. Previously, messaging via social media or mobile phone texts tended to be a little offhand or flippant, generously peppered with abbreviated words, slang, or emojis. The lockdown means that we can put a little more thought into those occasions when we are at making contact. Where lovers are making contact, you should be a bit more imaginative when compiling messages. You could always get even more intimate and send sexts. 

Utilize the available technology 

With conferences, seminars, and training courses being undertaken online, video chatting software has never been more widespread. This can also add an exciting new dimension to the way you keep in touch with a partner. Rather than simply picking up the phone to fire off a series of texts or make quick calls, you can anticipate so much more with a 3D experience. Being able to see and interact with the person you are speaking to is always so much more stimulating than basic message exchanges in the 2D world. 

Frequency of contact 

The current stressful situation has made us focus on making the most of communication platforms. Receiving messages from partners assumes a greater significance. You should be paying more attention to the regularity with which you maintain close contact. When your other half is expecting a video call or text message at an agreed time, you should plan ahead by popping a reminder into your calendar, even if you were never this thorough in the pre-COVID world. If you are not going to be able to manage the call, make sure you give advance notice. The disappointments that will be engendered by failure to communicate will exacerbate the moment. 

Vary the way you use your favorite dating outlet  

When you get familiar with using a particular site you can easily get set in your ways. You might have a particular time of day when you check messages. You might keep looking for the same type of person when you are searching for other singles. Take the opportunity to mix things around. Go for people who aren’t your usual type.