Logitech’s new Pro X Lightspeed is its latest gaming headset to go wireless

Logitech is soon going to launch a wireless version of its 2019 Pro X Gaming headset called the Pro X Lightspeed. Although it is highly identical to the previous version, including the finish, there are a few differences between the two. Apart from its wireless feature, the Lightspeed also comes with USB Type C charger. And can you think of any other headset which gives you USB charging?

The wireless aspect of it is obviously one to look for. You are delivered both chat and audio through its USB Type-A receiver, with the company claiming the headset will remain connected to the main desktop from a distance of 13 meters. So, if you ever find yourself 42 feet away from your computer, this will help you.

You will also be given velour covered foam pads for your ear if your leather foam pads are just not cutting it. There is just one issue- the wireless headset can get a little too tight. So if you are planning on using one cup while the other is shifted off your ear, it might become too painful.


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