Knockout Against Real Madrid Reflects Liverpool’s Season

Real Madrid
Real Madrid

Liverpool failed to score again at Anfield and was knocked out of the Champion’s League. Jurgen Klopp was dejected but it has been a story repeated often throughout the season.

The writing was on the wall last week after the away loss to Real Madrid. The two-goal deficit after the 1-3 loss at the Spanish capital was too much for the Liverpool side to overcome and they played out an exciting but barren draw at their home ground.

A Season Of Missed Chances Including Real Madrid

The statistics at Anfield are depressing enough. They only have scored 3 goals and have no wins this year. This has been one of the most barren seasons for the Meyerside team. The home draw against Real Madrid again exposed their inability to score despite the presence of Salah, one of the most prolific scores in world football.

Klopp says Liverpool played their hearts out but the inability to find the back of the net at crucial junctures has been their undoing.

The intensity of the second leg was missing in the first leg against Real Madrid. And the chances went astray.

Their manager is firm in his belief that being knocked out of the Champions League will not damage their bid to return to football’s biggest club tournament.

They are sixth in the home league but have won their last three matches. Their whole efforts will now be on the Premier League. Klopp is aware that they have to finish in the top 4 to fancy their chances in the next Champions League. They want to take it one game at a time and they are up against Leeds next. 

But finally, it has to be about goals and not dominance, and Liverpool has shown time and again that they have it in them to score where it matters. Mo Salah should come out firing if they are to have any hope in the next edition of the Champions League.