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uvalde police response

Uvalde Police Response Under Scrutiny

Uvalde Police Response will be scrutinized by the Department of Justice. Uvalde witnessed one of the biggest mass killings in recent times. The incident...
election subversion

Election Subversion Is Now A Huge Worry

Election Subversion is worrying everyone in the United States of America at the moment. Western Colorado commissioners have decided to completely abandon the use...
Taiwan Visit

Taiwan Visit By Tammy Duckworth Surprised Everyone

Tammy Duckworth is one of the biggest names in the American political circuit. He is ranked highly and has had numerous significant contributions in...
Florida Housing

Florida Housing Costs Can Be Used Against DeSantis

Florida Housing costs are reaching new heights every day. The cost of living in the state of Florida has created a huge uproar among...
Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check Finance Update

Stimulus Check demands have grown over the last few months. Citizens have requested the government to aid them financially. The federal government stated that...