Dean Phillips’ Campaign Disassociates Itself From Consultant

Dean Phillips

Dean Phillips, the Democratic nominee for president, is pulling away from a consultant who is suspected of having ordered a robocall that mimicked President Joe Biden using artificial intelligence during the New Hampshire primary.

“It disgusts me that a consultant who was brought in to help my campaign gain ballot access is accused of making a phony phone call pretending to be Joe Biden. Although I am not familiar with the individual in question, I believe that authorities will look into this heinous behavior”, Dean Phillips, the congressman from Minnesota stated via social media last Friday. A New Orleans magician said that political strategist Steve Kramer recruited him to produce an AI-generated robocall that mimicked Joe Biden’s voice and was delivered to voters in New Hampshire, as it had been reported on Friday. 

What Does Paul Carpenter Have To Say About The Dean Phillips Situation

Paul Carpenter, the magician, backed up his claims with text exchanges, Venmo logs, and other documentation. Voters are advised to “save” their votes for the November election and not cast them in the January 23 primary by a voice that sounds like the president during the call. Earlier this month, the attorney general of New Hampshire declared that state law enforcement had launched a criminal investigation after the conversation was connected to two Texas-based telecommunications providers. 

According to a senior US person familiar with the situation, senior US law enforcement authorities have also been closely following the incident to ascertain whether a federal crime was committed. Carpenter told the media that he was “heartbroken” that his efforts could have persuaded people not to cast ballots since he had no idea how the audio would be utilized. He declared, “I’m a hypnotist and a magician.” “I was thrust into this; I’m not in the political sphere.” Representative for a district in the Minneapolis region Dean Phillips refuted the idea last month that the robocall may have originated from one of his supporters.