Michael J Fox Presents At The BAFTAs In A Wheelchair, Receives Standing Ovation

michael j fox

On Sunday, Michael J Fox unexpectedly visited to give the best film award to the BAFTA attendance. Despite using a wheelchair to enter the stage, the Parkinson’s disease-affected “Back to the Future” star persisted in getting up to deliver the prize to Christopher Nolan for “Oppenheimer.”

Robert Downey Jr. and Ryan Gosling, star of “Barbie,” were among the crowd who stood to applaud Fox, 62, after host David Tennant introduced him as a “true legend of cinema.” While presenting the best film nominees, Fox referred to movies as “magic” and said they might “change your life.”

How Michael J Fox Dealt With His Parkinson’s Disease

The 2023 documentary “Still: A Michael J Fox Movie,” which chronicles the adored actor’s life and work, was a BAFTA Award candidate. The movie was defeated by the PBS and The Associated Press production “20 Days in Mariupol.” Michael J Fox claims there’s no way out and he turned to booze while hiding his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis.

Parkinson’s disease, the fastest-growing neurodegenerative illness in the United States, is a progressive, incurable brain ailment that, according to the National Institute on Aging, “results in unexpected or uncontrolled movements, including stiffness, trembling, and problems with balance and coordination.” At the age of 29, Fox received a Parkinson’s diagnosis. Seven years later, in 1998, he announced to the public.

The actor from “Spin City” has been injured in the past; in 2018, he broke his upper arm healing from a dangerous spinal surgery to remove a noncancerous tumor. Fox stated to the media in 2020, “I had a broken arm and was laying on the kitchen floor, waiting for the paramedics to arrive.” “I thought, ‘What a fool.'” You’ve been pushing people to be positive and chin up for a while, but suddenly you’re depressed. All that’s present is regret and suffering. It is impossible to make something seem shiny.”