Texas Democrats To Soon Testify Against The Republicans

texas democrats
texas democrats

The Texas Democrats who took off from the state in order to block the reform bills with regard to the elections agreed to testify at one of the hearings. The said hearing is to take place before the subcommittee of the US House that is concerned with the legislation. There are a total of three Democrats. 

Texas Democrats On What Happened

The Texas Democrats testifying are Diego Bernal, the Representative, Senfeonia Thompson, and Nicole Collier. They will be testifying on the 29th of July that falls on a Thursday. The name of the hearing is “Democracy in Danger” and it mentions the danger that is posed to all the voters in the state of Texas. The officials who are to be present on the day of the testification are the subcommittee on Government Reform concerning the matters of civil liberties and civil rights and the House Oversight.

The Texas democrats expressed their gratitude for being invited to the testification process. It was stated that they feel “honored” to get invited to discuss all the efforts taken by the Republican Party of the state to suppress the voting rights of the people. A total of 50 politicians belonging to the Democratic party from the concerned state were compelled to move to Washington D.C. on the 12th of July.

They had to do this to ensure that the Republicans lacked the quorum to proceed with the legislative session. The Republicans had actually planned to introduce an election bill on that day. It is also to be noted that the five Texas Democrats who fled were infected with the coronavirus. All of them had been fully inoculated. The senate of the state gave the approval for the bill. The senate of Texas is dominated by politicians from the Republican party.