Deebo Samuel Declares His Disinterest In Conversing With Aaron Donald

Deebo Samuel

Deebo Samuel has not always received much respect from Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald. It is not astonishing that he does not seem too keen to get to interact with Donald in person at some point.

Donald was asked how to stop Samuel after a loss to the 49ers in 2020, to which he replied by asking who he was. Deebo Samuel replied on the field last season with seventeen catches for two hundred receiving yards and 1 touchdown in two wins over the Rams, then took a shot back at Aaron Donald via social media after the second of those two wins.

Deebo Samuel Clapsback 

With the Rams on the schedule this weekend, Samuel was asked by reporters after practice Thursday if he had met or spoken to Donald. Samuel said the two of them have not met and gave a quick answer to the question of whether or not they have spoken.

Deebo Samuel said that he is not interested in having a chat with Aaron Donald

Deebo Samuel explained that he does not know Aaron the same way Aaron does not know him. He does not walk up to someone and introduce himself. He said that he just was not the type of person. Additionally, Aaron is his opponent so he has no reason whatsoever to hold a conversation with him. 

On Thursday, George Kittle expressed his love and pride for Deebo Samuel and his mindset. He believes that Samuel plays differently when they are up against the Rams. A small amount of disrespect in his behavior. Deebo Samuel is an amazing player and everyone should know his name and who he truly is. Some days he is so extra opposite the Rams that other players can feel his passion on-field. 

Kittle thinks that Deebo Samuel has done a fantastic job by keeping his energy constant every week of the season. He jokingly added that he would love to keep witnessing a spicy Samuel.

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