Missouri Medicaid Expansion Is Being Demanded Through Lawsuit

Missouri Medicaid
Missouri Medicaid

The battle for the expansion of the Missouri Medicaid has reached the doors of the courtroom. There was a lawsuit that was filed in order to compel Mike Parson, the Governor of the state with regard to Medicaid. This took place this Thursday. Following the lawsuit, the governor will now have to put an expansion on it on the 1st of July. This was what was approved by the voters in a measure of the ballot system that took place in the year 2020.

The move for the expansion takes place a week after the statement of Governor Mike Parson. It was claimed that public health insurance would not be broadened to those who had low income. The reason for this was because the lawmakers failed to appropriate the money. 

Missouri Medicaid Has Enough Federal Support

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the citizens of the state of Missouri who are suffering from chronic diseases. There are three of them. And are not financially equipped to pay for the treatment. While making their argument, they mentioned the system in which the fund was divided. They claimed that it was the General Assembly that provided the fund for the program of Missouri Medicaid. And so there was no need for the lawmakers to keep aside some amount of money for the expansion of the enrollees.

It is also stated that the recent relief bill passed by Congress provides a good push for the possibility of Medicaid to all the states including the Missouri Medicaid. The relief package carries the amount of 1.9 trillion USD  and provides additional support to the issue of health. To be precise, the extra federal funding provided for the Missouri Medicaid would be 1 billion USD. This will provide coverage to the share of expansion of the state for a span of five years. 

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