Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Controversial Statement About Guam Got Her To Receive Cookies From The Island’s Representative

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Representative from the Republican party, made an inaccurate suggestion about Guam, the island. She stated that it is not a territory of the United States of America although it is. Guam has been a part of the country for almost a century and even more.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Ignorance

Following that, the Georgia based Congresswoman will be given cookies by the delegate of Guam, the island which is very much territory of America. Marjorie Taylor Greene gave the controversial statement at a political conference which was held in the month of February. However, it was not noticed until this Tuesday. The remark that was given by the Georgia Republican got viral after it got uploaded.

The freshman lawmaker stated that the tax collected by the citizens of the United States of America deserved to stay within the national territories of the country. This was one of the American values etched within her. She further named Guam when she referred to the places that way beyond the boundaries of the country. Marjorie Taylor Greene included the name of the island with other foreign lands like China, the Middle East and Russia.

The media of Guam reacted to the ignorant statement given by Marjorie Taylor Greene. They approached the lawmakers and the local officials with regard to lack of knowledge concerning the heritage of the territory of the country.

The island of Guam joined the United States of America is the year 1899. It has been more than 100 years that the island has become a territory of America. The congressional delegate of the island, Michael San Nicolas, gave a statement following the issue. The statement was regarding an initiative to reach all the new lawmakers in order to spread knowledge about the island.