Gonzaga Wins 20th Game In Basketball


Gonzaga Bulldogs are the number 1 team when it comes to basketball. The team won their twentieth game against San Diego in an undefeated streak. But the team seemed a little lost during eight minutes of the beginning of the game. Their swagger increasingly outshined their opponent and helped their winning match. But teammate Drew Timme said that he hopes the team would start precisely the same way next time, without losing any sort of momentum. 

Timme from Gonzaga was their star player for the match, scoring a whopping 21 points. Second to him was another star player, Cory Kispert, who also scored high, very close to first- 19. This helped propel Gonzaga to number 1, leaving San Diego in the dust. Their winning score was 90 against a 62. The victory marked a consecutive streak, coming from the last season. Among other players in the team, Jalen Suggs also aided the team by scoring 17 points. San Diego was defeated for the thirteenth time. 

Timme Reacted To Gonzaga’s Victory

Gonzaga’s star player, after taking the match home, had some things to say. He said that his team has got to improve a little more “internally,” while whatever other teams do from the outside is always something they can take head-on. He added that playing in such an environment, where the fans were not there, there is no energy, so his team, the players on the ground, has to create that energy for themselves. And also added that he and his team would have to perform even better to come out ready and be prepared for anything. 

About the match in general, he spoke of Gonzaga’s performance. He said that the other team, San Diego, had gotten to them in the first round. This made them look like any other team. But their coach definitely got them for the second round, lighting them up as they were in dire need to be “lit into.”