Democrats Are Losing Asian-Americans


At a time when the Republican Party’s leadership is destroying democracy, ignoring the climate crisis, attempting to overturn Roe v Wade, disputing a minimum wage hike, embracing more tax breaks for the wealthy and the growth of oligarchy, and preventing us from passing severe gun safety legislation, it would be disastrous for this rightwing extremist group to take control of the US House and Senate. Unfortunately, it looks like the Democrats’ present approach is allowing this to happen.

Pureval is now Cincinnati‘s first Asian American mayor, and he says some of the same Democrats are now seeking his help on how to attract Asian votes. That is why Pureval and other Asian American Democrats are creating Justice Unites Us, which NBC News first learned about.

The new super PAC is being portrayed as a multi-million-dollar attempt to engage America’s fastest-growing ethnic or racial minority, which turned out in historic numbers in 2020.

Democrats Are Losing Asian American Votes

The Democratic super PAC, which went public during Asian American Heritage Month, has already spent $850,000 this year and promises to spend plenty in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada – presidential battlegrounds with critical Senate contests in 2022.

The super PAC wants to organize small businesses such as eateries and grocery shops, which typically become nuclei of local immigrant and ethnic networks, in addition to traditional voter mobilization tactics such as door-to-door canvassing. Biden’s unpopularity, combined with substantially lower Democratic House and Senate majorities than Carter had in 1978, would almost certainly destroy his party in the midterm elections.

To put it another way, Biden is expected to fare far worse in this year’s midterm election than Carter did in 1978.