Jen Psaki Praises the Biden Administration For Flagging Facebook Posts!

Jen Psaki
Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki stated that the administration of Biden is involved in a massive role of flagging Facebook posts. According to Jen Psaki, press secretary, White House, the administration of Biden is flagging those posts on Facebook which the administration considers to be disinformation or problematic. 

Biden Administration Flagging Only Problematic Posts, Says Jen Psaki!

During a press conference on Thursday, Psaki said that senior staff of the White House is working very closely with the platforms of social media to fight this massive spread of vague rumors and misinformation regarding the pandemic. Jen Psaki added that the Biden administration is taking serious actions against misinformation on social media. The federal government has already increased its research and tracking regarding disinformation.

The administration is only flagging posts that are problematic and spread misinformation regarding the pandemic. Psaki also added how the administration is working closely with experts, medical professionals, and doctors who are famous among their audiences regarding the spread of misinformation. The administration wants them to boost and spread trusted content and accurate information regarding the virus. 

Jen Psaki revealed that a major portion of the misinformation relating to the bad effects of vaccines originated from mainly 12 people on social media. However, she refused to identify any pages or people involved in the spread of misinformation. According to Psaki, the administration of Biden is looking to put trusted content on the platforms. They are also looking for ways to create a COVID community that will help put trusted content and information regarding the virus into the minds and hands of messengers. The comment of the press secretary, Jen Psaki followed the advisory issued by Surgeon General Murthy about misinformation regarding the virus.