Exit Polls Reveal High Inflation Dictates Voters’ Opening In The 2022 Midterms

Exit Poll Midterm Election

Exit polls reveal that abortion and inflation remain top issues for American voters casting the midterm ballots. Other issues that have motivated US voters in Tuesday’s midterms include crime, immigration, and gun policy.

Turnout for the midterms was evenly divided gender-wise. The control of Congress and several state governorships will be determined.

Around 6 in 10 voters expressed dissatisfaction or anger about the US Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade, while the same percentage said abortion should be legal. Around 3 in 10 voters maintained that inflation was their top concern in deciding which way to vote.

3 out of 10 voters also placed immigration at the top of their concern going into the polls while only one out of 10 said the gun policy was their top concern.

Americans have been assailed by soaring prices that covered everything from gasoline to groceries and almost all essentials for over a year even as inflation touched record highs and has remained on the perch for over a year.

75% of Americans going to the polls said that they found the economy was poor or not good. An equal number said that they faced moderate or severe hardship and two third complained that gasoline prices were the single most troubling factor.

Exit Polls Predictions Have Not Matched Reality On The Ground

70% of Exit Poll voters said they were angry or dissatisfied with how the economic situation has turned out internally in America.

President Biden has tried to highlight measures that he and the Democrats in Congress have taken to bring down prices. But most Exit Poll voters have not given them credit for it. The president’s plan to waive part of student loans also has yet to receive the widespread support he had expected. Less than half of the voters have approved the effort.

But the anticipated red wave of the Republicans did not materialize. Early results indicate that voters in Pennsylvania have valued the honesty and integrity of John Fetterman over the showmanship of Mehmet Oz, the Republican celebrity doctor.

Fetterman won over voters who preferred a contestant who was concerned about people and issues close to their hearts. His win will flip a Republican-held seat.

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