Katie Maloney’s Relationship Was Crowded

Katie Maloney

Katie Maloney could never forgive Tom Schwartz for breaking their marriage. Tom supposedly opened a bar with Tom Sandoval, which crushed the marriage with Katie Maloney. Usually, a relationship crumbles for the presence of a third party, and in this relationship, it was the new business. At the opening of the bar, she broke down, remembering why their marriage fell apart. She was showing support despite everything. And somewhere Schwartz failed to notice which was front of crumbling. Now none of them have the answer to why it happened.

A Bar Came In Between Katie Maloney And Her Husband

Tom Schwartz admits that he was primarily focused on the bar and barely gave time to Katie Maloney, who was her responsibility. And he did admit that he never chose the Bar over his wife, and made sure she is aware of it.

Katie Maloney has a lot of anger and frustration left in her, and she vents out how he chose a lot of things over her. Nevertheless, Schwartz regrets his choices of action and decisions. He wanted to fight for Katie Maloney, but the bar was his dream, and couldn’t prioritize between them. But it could have triggered the pain more.

If he tried to keep Maloney in his life even after all the pain he has put her through, it would have been unbearable for him as well. And this still beats up Schwartz he was in tears while sharing all these.

Leaving Maloney maybe not be worth it, and all he did was for the bar, he often asks himself. Although he won’t say the bar broke his marriage somewhere responsible for all the drama. Even the business partner Tom Sandoval also agrees to this. After all these Katie Maloney was present at the bar opening to support his dream.

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