Derecho Threat Looms Large Over The Midwest


Derecho alerts have been circulated in parts of the US. The weather seems to deteriorate over the past few days in the midwest US. The states of Minneapolis, Milwaukee & Chicago have experienced severe weather conditions. The weather was rough from Wednesday morning and it deteriorated further. A similar Derecho wreaked havoc the previous year. It killed as many as four people. 

Derecho & Thunderstorm Alert For Midwest

A high alert has been issued to the states of the midwest US. The mentioned regions are speculated to experience intense weather conditions. The weather has been rough over the past few days. It only started becoming worse from Saturday. 

Wisconsin is particularly expected to make the most of the damage. Alerts have been issued for power cuts. Many Trees are also feared to be uprooted following the storm. The level of the risk is tallied at 4 out of 5. This region is to experience a Derecho. 

Derecho is a severe wind gushing with extreme velocity. It usually follows a straight path over a long area. Thunderstorms are usually accompanied by it. Over 84millions of American citizens are on alert. The next two days are expected to be very crucial for the midwest and the northeast region. 

The National Weather Service stated that the damage caused can be devastating. It can match the destruction level of a Tornado. America is still fresh from the impact of a Derecho in Lowa and Illinois. The storm has sped up to 140mph. As many as four lives were lost. 

This type of occurrence is common in the South. For wind to be termed as a Derecho, it has to travel a minimum of 240miles. It should possess a gusting speed of 58mph. Citizens should take necessary preparations. They should find a safe shelter and stack up on the necessary goods. One should also have backups for power cuts.