Derek Carr Continues To Deny Contract Extension

Derek Carr
Derek Carr

At the conclusion of the regular season of 2022, the Las Vegas Raiders‘ preference for quarterback Derek Carr shifted away from him. It is highly likely that the organization will either trade Carr or let him go after making the decision to leave him on the bench so that backup quarterback Jarrett Stidham. The quarterback, who is a veteran in the game, has consistently been capable of performing admirably in the center position, but the organization gives off the impression that it is becoming weary of the status quo and wants to move in a new direction.

What Are The Options For Derek Carr?

The 15th of February is a “trigger date” for Carr’s contract, which means that if it is met, he will be entitled to forty million dollars in guarantees. Although Derek Carr has the option to postpone that date, he has given the impression that he will not be doing so. In reference to the possibility of the deadline being extended, Carr stated that he does not think that situation would be the best for him when the topic was brought up during the Pro Bowl Games, this year.

According to reports, the Raiders are not making much of an effort to improve the issue, which may give the impression that Derek Carr is remaining stubborn. Carr, along with his representatives, has requested to discuss a potential trade with other clubs, but Las Vegas has not given its approval for this request. Carr’s contract includes a clause disallowing trade, but he might be willing to waive it if a suitable team with a suitable offer approaches him.

Carr is aware that there are three outcomes that can take place as a result of his decision to not extend the deadline beyond February 15. Either he will become eligible for the $40 million that his contract guarantees, he will be discharged, or he will be traded.

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