DeSantis Budget To Include Pay Raises And Premium Protections

Florida Covid Records
Florida Covid Records

Governor Ron DeSantis, the head of the government in Florida, recently proposed a $100 billion spending plan called the DeSantis Budget. This plan would see an increase of 4% in the pay of state employees while ensuring that the health insurance benefits remained the same till 2023.

The budget has also proposed a sum of $255 million for career service state employee raises by it also includes agency discretion which would determine who would be receiving a pay bump. The raises have been in addition to any previously thought of pay increases which will be taking effect the next year- thereby bringing all employees to pay at least $13 every hour.

DeSantis Budget Would See Provisions Being Added

The DeSantis budget would also be allocated a sum of $75.4 million in order to increase the base rate of more than 4,500 sworn officers of the law enforcement, around $124.2 million to increase the base rate pay for correctional probation officers, and inspections who used to work for the Department of Corrections, and close to $15.9 million to the department for the implementation of an employee retention plan.

The budget would also be directing a sum of $11.2 million in order to increase the base rate for the Department of Juvenile Justice detention and probation officers. 

In a press conference, Gov. DeSantis spoke about the DeSantis budget which would also see schools and other state operations being completely open in the fall- indicating his commitment to protect the employees of Florida. He stated that the government had been able to save the lives of a lot of people who were hardworking and didn’t have the luxury to work from home

DeSantis’s budget would also see to it that there is a freeze on any changes to employee health benefits, which could come in either through benefit design or cost. But that would not be the only upside for state employees in the proposed spending plan for the 2022-2023 fiscal year.