DeSantis Sends Stimulus Checks To 60,000 Florida Families

Tax Package Stimulus Check

Several thousand Families in Florida with low incomes are scheduled to receive aid in the form of stimulus checks, that will help them combat the rising costs of inflation. On Thursday, Governor Ron DeSantis and his administration made an announcement regarding their decision to reallocate a part of the relief funds given to them by the federal government for the pandemic. The reallocated money will be used to send $450 to every child’s struggling family directly in Florida state.

A representative for Florida Children and Families Department, Laura Walthall, spoke to the press and gave a statement. In it, she explained that the stimulus checks will be on-time only. However, they should help families who have been struggling under the burgeoning inflation while also having to prepare for their children’s return to school

How Did DeSantis Get The Funds For The Stimulus Checks

In order to acquire the funds required for these checks, governor DeSantis reallocated $33.5Mn from the American Rescue Plan Act’s allocated $1Bn to the state. The first lady of Florida, Casey DeSantis, gave the figures and the details.

The recipients who are eligible include non-relative and relative caregivers, foster parents, families who are getting help under the Florida Program for Temporary Assistance given to Needy Families, as well as families who are getting help from the Program to Assist in Guardianship. These details were provided by Walthall.

The Florida Families and Children Department announced that it expects approximately 60,00 families to get, at the very least, one stimulus check. Furthermore, similar to other relief funds for the Covid-19 pandemic, the checks do not require any separate applications.

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