Stimulus Checks From This State

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

As much as the Biden administration would like to start them back up again, federal stimulus checks dried up months ago on account of a lack of congressional support. Floridians, meanwhile, are in the process of getting surprised $450 checks in the mail, thanks to a budget signed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis that included steering $35.5 million in state funding to some 59,000 families across the state.

Stimulus Checks Coming In Florida

That money is coming in the form of one-time stimulus checks for $450 per child in foster and adoptive families. “This one-time payment can be used for anything from buying diapers to fueling up at the pump,” reads a letter that accompanies the checks to Floridians.

We mentioned the lack of any more federal checks at the outset, because that might be one reason why Floridians have been stunned, to say the least, at these new payments. In fact, at least one local TV news station felt compelled to run a segment urging viewers that this is not a scam. And that if you get one of these checks, don’t throw it away. “It’s real!”

Likewise, the governor’s spokeswoman tweeted out a photo of those letters, to make sure people understand that they are legitimate.

These stimulus checks, by the way, follow another round to Floridians in April. Those stemmed from a $100 million budget allocation from the DeSantis administration, which sent out one-time $1,000 checks to first responders like firefighters and paramedics.

Meanwhile, that stimulus check news at home comes as DeSantis’ national profile is increasingly on the ascendance. Multiple polls show him faring better than Trump in a hypothetical 2024 Republican field. On a recent podcast episode, host Joe Rogan also excoriated President Trump will praising DeSantis’ prospects.

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