Stimulus Checks From Florida

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Several Florida families are expected to receive a one-off stimulus check worth $450 for every child. It is the state government‘s effort to help out families that have been struggling with high inflation.

Individual applications from the families are not required, however, they must be either foster parents, non-relative or relative caregivers, participants in the Guardianship Assistance Program, and/or families who are receiving monetary assistance under TANF. The government expects the stimulus check payments to reach the families who qualify before next week ends.

The Stimulus Checks Were Announced By Casey DeSantis

On July 15th, the announcement of stimulus checks was made by Casey DeSantis during an ongoing roundtable being held in Tampa. The press secretary of Governor DeSantis then posted a letter from the Governor to the general public regarding the payments on Twitter on July 19th.

Casey DeSantis announced the checks on July 15 during a roundtable in Tampa, and Governor Ron DeSantis’ press secretary tweeted a letter about the payments on July 19.

In the letter addressed to Floridians, DeSantis opens by explaining that he is also a father to 3 young children. As such, he is aware that getting prepared for the new year of school can be both a stressful as well as an exciting affair. As such, in hopes of combating the prices brought about by increasing inflation, particularly with the upcoming year of school, Florida State will give out $450 as stimulus checks to every child in the care of every Floridian.

He further explained that the one-off stimulus check can be spent on anything the citizens wish for, including buying diapers and/or gas from the pump. DeSantis, in the letter, also wanted to ensure the citizens knew about the holiday on sales tax, named “Back-to-School”. It will take place from the week of July 25th till August 7th. It will be a way to aid the parents and caregivers in getting the needed supplies and preparing for the approaching year of school. It entails that several supplies will not have any additional taxes levied on them for this period. The list includes shoes, computers, bags, clothing, as well as other supplies for school.

DeSantis ends the letter by requesting his citizens to accept the stimulus check as a way of acknowledgment and gratitude from the government for all the work that the parents and caregivers put into nurturing the future of Florida. He finally says a short prayer asking for God’s blessings for the citizens and Florida State.