Despite Rumored High Pricing, Sony Bullish and Confident Over the Sale Numbers of PS5

Sony’s PS5 is going to be the next big thing coming out in the market. Not just because of its design, but also the fact that it is coming packed in with a host of new upgrades, and features that would give playing games a whole new dimension. But, to be a successful gaming console, number matters, and it looks like Sony has those numbers intact.

The PS5 was launched way back in 2019. Since then, the world has undergone quite a few changes, which made Sony fans worry that the production might be delayed indefinitely. But Sony assuaged everyone’s fears and brought out the teaser to the product. PS5 comes in two variants- one with an optical drive, and the other completely digital.

Reports mention that the sale of PS5 is going to hit more than 120 million units in the next five years. This will put Sony ahead of Microsoft ahead in the market with its Xbox Series. This comes as quite a surprise considering PS5 will be priced much higher than previous generations. This year alone could see PS5 selling close to 20 million units.

To keep up with demand, Sony will step up hardware shipments to keep enough stock.


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