Multiple State Set To Send Stimulus Checks To Their Residents In May: Check If Your State Is In The List

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Even as the federal stimulus checks dry up, several states have been trying to support their residents through the difficult post-pandemic phase. Residents of 4 states in the US are entitled to a state stimulus check and could get their payment within this month.

Even as the nation continues to deal with a high rate of inflation, citizens are having a tough time managing their finances. They are being forced to cut down on their essentials and medicine.

At least 3 states, Indiana, Delaware, and California are going ahead with their payment and will likely send it by this month. Chicago, on the other hand, is preparing to give transit cards and gas cards to its residents.

California Residents First To Receive State Stimulus Checks

California residents were the first to receive state stimulus checks under the Golden State Stimulus (GSS 1 AND 2). The check was between $600 and $1,200 under the first package and between $500 and $1,100 in the second scheme.

Several residents received a lower sum under the second scheme based on multiple factors.

Residents of California who earn below $75,000 and filed their returns by mid-October last year qualified for the state stimulus check.

Delaware residents have planned a rebate on taxes that will be applicable by end-May. Individual tax filers will get $300 while married couples who jointly file their returns will get  $600.

The rebate is only for residents of the state who have filed their 2020 tax returns.

Indian residents will also get tax rebates of $125 and couples filing jointly will get double that. Residents who filed returns ahead of the January 3 deadline are eligible for the rebates.

Illinois will pay its residents up to $400 later in the year while Chicago will give prepaid transport and gas cards to eligible residents.

The Chicago Gas cards will be worth $150 and the transport cards $50 each. Around 50,000 gas cards and 100,000 transport cards will be issued by the city.