Devin Haney Defeats George Kambosos, Becomes Lightweight World Champion

Devin Haney
Devin Haney

The American finally overpowered the Australians and brought an end to the drought. 

Devin Haney managed to defeat George Kambosos Jr with a unanimous decision. He made him the undisputed lightweight champion in the world. Devin Haney has clinched the World Boxing Association, World Boxing Council, World Boxing Organization, and International Boxing Federation titles all at once. 

All Hail Devin Haney 

The Marvel Stadium was decorated in the best possible way. This was done to organize the fight and keep the spectators who had gathered under control because they were against Haney. Nonetheless, the result of the match was in favor of Haney.

However, from the first round, Haney put everything into the fight. From the first chime, he made clear what his strategy was and executed it in the best way he could till the very last second of the match. 

The American started with the jab handling, followed by legs then threw the jab again and finished it off with the right. In retrospect, it appears to be simple, but it is tough to execute. 

Kambosos was unable to break Devin Haney’s defense and was visibly at a loss in this all-important final match. 

Haney Won Every Round 

Devin Haney dominated the entire final match. His blow during the second round put his opponent to think. Then Kambosos realized that Haney’s strategy was not the altercation of blows but it was the scheming and patience.

Kambosos ultimately appeared very desperate and he could not find combinations of more than two punches. Kambosos clearly showed his weakness of being unable to do something when his opponent’s defense is this strong. Haney seemed to have exposed Kambosos in front of the world. After 12 rounds the score showed: 116-112, 116-112, and 118-110 all in favor of Haney.